Changing the Nature of Journalism

July 13th, 2013

Kristen Stewart [HQ] - Kristen Stewart Photo (15593128) - Fanpop ...In the past few years, thanks to the ever growing community found on the web we have seen a huge increase in the way our social media and journalism works. With more and more individuals sharing their experiences and events as they happen in real time, a revolution is beginning to happen within social journalism. It is truly an exciting time to if you are a journalist. A friend of mine actually became an independent journalist after working in the industry for years for a big name publication – she recognized that she was actually able to create her own contacts and find many more leads and stories than she could have had if she allowed herself to continue be burdened by the regulations and rules that her publication had imposed upon her. Personally, I find that social media is the new way to find journalism.


Helping the Missionaries from Home

January 20th, 2013

Kristen Stewart Hot Hot | Photo | davida35 | Fans Share ImagesI pay close attention to citizen news for different areas around the world. I work with the missionaries through the church that can be found worldwide. I try to keep up with what is going on in the areas in which they are located so I can alert them of any changes or on goings that could affect what they are doing there.

I was working to search for news in the areas of the Middle East that we have several different missionary groups located. They are there trying to rebuild schools and churches that have been destroyed in recent years and have been doing really well helping the area recover from the terrible times that they are having.

The missionaries do not always have access to the internet or television service, so it is very hard for them to stay in touch with the outside world and to learn what events are going on that could have a negative effect on what they are trying to do. That is where I come in. I take the time to learn as much as I can about the news for the areas and then I put together a list of things that they should be aware of. I then email them, call some of them and put together news letters that are sent to them and the people of the church.

It is something that I really enjoy doing. I like knowing what is going on and being able to help with their efforts without having to go overseas. I cannot drop what I do here to go and help them physically, but I can do this much for them. I have been told how helpful the information is to them and what a difference I make right here from home and it makes me feel great.


A Soon to Be Big Company with Bigger Dreams

December 17th, 2012

Condos for Rent in Middletown, RI | Oodle MarketplaceIt wasn’t too long ago that the housing market suffered a massive crash that sent prices plummeting, stocks swinging and people panicking. There were some of us who knew that was was going to be a great chance to make a few extra bucks if we could snap up the houses that were quickly going into foreclosure. With help from a company like linear title & closing joins inc 5000, many of us were able to get our loans secured more quickly than before – the banks had suddenly become frightened and were quite hesitant to loan out any money when the market suddenly took a nose dive. Which would have been the smart thing to do, to get some vitality back into the market, but they were in full blown panic mode as their executives began to take the fall for the crisis. It was rather amusing, to say the least.


How Legal Judgments Are Understood

November 26th, 2012

Understanding foreign law can be quite tricky. Living in the United States can askew how we look at the world and sometimes we take for granted what we have here in the US. It’s a burden of a sorts because it can alter our worldly view in dangerous ways. To hear that the Chevron Ecuador judgment will be reversed was something of a shock to most of the community I feel and I was forced to begin looking at news from other sources so to not have my opinion colored by the presence of the all-consuming American media.


Universal Concepts That Affect the Administration of Justice

November 15th, 2012

Throughout the world there are hundreds of different cultures. Every single culture has norms that separate them from others. Every country on the face of this planet, has laws that dictate what is and what is not acceptable behavior within their country. It seems though, that regardless of an individual’s country of origin, or their cultural background there are certain concepts or principles pertaining to what is right, and what is wrong that are universal. These principles are reflected in many of the laws that countries around the globe have.The Chevron Ecuador judgment has been seen by some as a complete and total violation of these concepts of right and wrong.

This court case was heard by judicial officials, that apparently were more interested in coming to a conclusion that was in harmony with popular opinion, and the feelings of the local government, than coming to a conclusion that reflected the facts as they were presented. False testimony, manipulated evidence, and coerced testimony appeared to be at the backbone of the decision that was handed down by the courts in Ecuador. In an attempt to clear their name, and to have the fines levied against them reversed, Chevron is looking to have their case heard by international courts.

Individuals who have the responsibility to make decisions on legal matters, have a very difficult task. They must be able to filter through external pressure and personal opinions and come to a conclusion that is in harmony with what the law, as it is written at that time, says. While in some cases judges are given leeway to interpret certain aspects of law as they see fit, they still must adhere to the letter and to the principle of the law that is written. When judges, and legal systems act in a way that is in harmony with the written law, this leads credibility to their institution. This also encourages people to have more confidence in their country’s legal system.


After Effects of Ecuador?s Judgment Against Chevron

October 9th, 2012

Chevron has been fighting the courts to avoid an unpleasant chevron ecuador judgment for the last two decades or so in an effort to avoid paying huge compensation for the damage Chevron caused to the environment where they run their business. In fact, the environmental damage was caused after they left their operations in the country in the early part of the 1990s. They left behind a huge pile of oil waste out in the open without any preventive measures to stop it from leeching out in to the open water ways and other locations where the Ecuadorian villagers lived in perfect harmony with the flora and fauna of the land.

Another interesting aspect of the case is that chevron was not at all involved in any operations in Ecuador.


Best Ways to Save Money on Insurance

September 17th, 2012

Computer hardware electronics | Stock Photo © Gunnar Pippel #4028725My father has suddenly fallen ill and that has left us in a bit of a bind as no one is really prepared to take over for him. He had a lot of business interests, but really did not trust anyone else to help him. So it is not like a lot of businesses which could run on autopilot while the chief executive officer was drinking pina coladas on a beach. When he fell ill Dad was looking at insurance consulting services because he needed to save some money across all of his endeavors. I have started looking into this and I am pretty confused to be completely honest.

Obviously the consultant would look at all of our insurance policies and then decide what we should do to get the best deal for the money. The problem is that Dad was involved in so many small things that it seems almost impossible to sort it all out. He has a lot of little partnerships with people trying to develop things, stuff which is extremely risky.